Training of Trainers Workshop

The Training of Trainers Workshop provides learners the opportunity to learn  the essential learning, skills and tools they need to facilitate the PMD Pro program in their organizations and beyond.

This is a highly intensive, three-day immersion workshop. It is designed to provide people who have already passed PMD Pro with the tools, techniques and above all, the confidence to train their colleagues.

During the course, participants will be divided into micro-teaching group of four to five people. This group will work closely together over the three days. Each person will facilitate/teach three or four times over the course of the workshop. Each facilitation will be progressively longer and more difficult. The final facilitation will be for forty to forty-five minutes. The final facilitation will also need to be fully participatory, include games and must not use slides.

After each facilitation, participants will be received structured feedback from colleagues in the group as well as from the facilitator. Participants will be also be filmed and their TTT – trainer talking time – will be measured

Examples of content covered include:

  • What are trainer commitments?
  • What makes good training and trainers?
  • How does one facilitate PMD Pro?
  • How to adapt to audience?
  • How to manage challenging participants?
  • How to facilitate learners of mixed abilities?
  • How to use the PMD Pro slide deck?
  • How to facilitate learning games?

This hands-on, activity-based course is all about getting participants, many of whom, have not trained before, to a point where they can train successfully

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

Any organisation, that is engaging or wishes to engage with PMD Pro as a methodology and wants the ability to train to scale internally. This course is designed to give you this capability. Participants should have passed PMD Pro, ideally with a score of 80% or above and be interested in training. Ideally, they will have previous training experience.

How many days is the course?

This is a three-day course.

How much does the course cost?

The three-day course costs $4500 – plus travel expenses.

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