PMD Pro Version 2 Launches March 23: Are You Ready?

We’re excited and ready!  For almost two years, we have been working with the PM4NGOs team preparing for the update – reviewing content, updating learning plans and planning for launch.  As part of our preparations, we will facilitate the first virtual PMD Pro course aligned to the new version of the Guide. The course starts on February 24th and finishes on March 20th.  So this is a chance to learn – using the new new Guide and preparing to take the new exam as soon as it is formally launched.

In some ways, the launch of the PMD Pro Version 2 has us feeling nostalgic.  The team at Pyramid Learning has been involved with the PMD Pro for thirteen years,  In fact, both our principals were at the meeting where the PMD Pro was first pitched.  John Cropper delivered one of the first trainings – in Zambia with World Vision – and since then, PMD Pro has formed a significant part of our professional lives.  

Looking back at the beginning, it has been incredibly rewarding to hear stories of the difference that better project management has made to people’s lives.  Clearly, the most important factor has been dedicated and skilled NGO Project Managers.  Time and again, people have told us that PMD Pro has made their lives easier. It has given them some simple tools and techniques that help them do more with less and sometimes, do it better. 

That’s not to say we didn’t get a few things wrong.  Lots of things could have been better, which makes the new version all the more exciting. The new PMD Pro reflects years of learning and reflection and it also syncs with Program Dpro. We think the new version will be fantastic and, among its many improvements, will make it easier to apply DPro tools and processes in humanitarian/emergency contexts.

So, are you ready for PMD Pro Version?  We can help if you prepare.  Register for the course or let us work with you to plan your new project management capacity building strategy.  Good luck!

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