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Project DPro PractitionerJanuary 1 -December 31, 2024 (Rolling Enrollment)learn moreregister
Project DPro EnglishJan 8 – Feb 2, 2024 learn moreregister
MEAL DPro – EnglishJan 8 – Feb 2, 2024learn moreregister
First-Line ManagerFeb 5 – March 1, 2024coming sooncoming soon.
Proposal WritingFeb 5 – March 1, 2024learn moreregister
Project Dpro – EspañolFeb 5 – Marzo 1, 2024aprender masregistrarse
Project DPro – PortuguésFev 5 – Março 1, 2024aprender maisregistrarse
Project DPro – françaisFév 5 – Mars 1, 2024apprendre pluss’inscrire
Project DPro – EnglishMar 4 – Mar 29, 2024learn moreregister
Program DPro – EnglishMar 4 – Mar 29, 2024learn moreregister
MEAL DPro – EspañolMar 4 – Mar 29, 2024aprender masregistrarse
MEAL DPro – PortuguésMar 4 – Mar 29, 2024aprender maisregistrarse

Organizational Services

PATH engaged Pyramid Learning to create a process that allowed them the flexibility to meet their organizational learning priorities with minimal administrative burden – the creation of a block ticketing program. PATH has easy access to a bundle of course seats that the organization can access over a 12-month calendar period. PATH can easily market courses and upcoming sessions to targeted audiences – no invoices, no paperwork, no administrative overhead… no delays.

“The greatest benefit of this arrangement is the flexibility to incorporate Pyramid Learning courses into our global events calendar. In essence, these courses are an extension of the organizationally supported learning opportunities, so staff can plan in advance and self-enroll when a session works within their schedule. It’s easier for me to account for a fixed number of seats within my annual budget and to our staff, they benefit from courses we couldn’t regularly offer otherwise. It’s a win-win situation,”

Shannon Dowd, Director, Learning and Analytics at PATH.

Pyramid Learning has worked with the Conservation International and a number of other organizations (Spark, Nutrition International, Save the Children International and more) to facilitate training cohorts specifically for their staff.  Cohorts help training efforts quickly reach scale, and organizations have the option to adapt courses to their policies, procedures and systems. Learners also have the advantage of reflecting on content in their unique context, while sharing their experiences and challenges with colleagues.

Pyramid Learning has worked with Plan International and other organizations to develop custom curriculum for project management in the organization.  Working in collaboaration with Plan UK, we aligned and adapted the contents of the Project DPro standard to their organizational policies, systems and culture .

Pyramid Learning has worked with 3ie – the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation – providing consulting services that include: risk management policy and course development, project management coaching, learning technology support and evaluation learning materials development.[