Here are some of the service we provide to organizations in the development, relief, conservation, and governance sectors.

Client list: Conservation International, CRS, DCAF, Room to Read.

Dedicated Course Cohorts are a great option for organizations that have a large number of learners who need training on project management, MEAL, people management and more.

Courses can be contextualized to the unique challenges, procedures and contexts of an organization and the facilitation promotes rich learning exchanges between colleagues (and implementing partners) working with the organization. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Client List: Mercy Corps, Nutrition International, Heifer International.

We develop custom eLearning courses on topics that related to project management, emergency preparedness, people management, community feedback and accountability mechanisms, MEAL, and more. Our preferred course development tools include Articulate Rise and Learning Pool Stream. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Client List: Catholic Relief Services, Plan International, Mercy Corps.

Organizations who prefer to facilitate Project DPro eLearning courses themselves, do not need to develop their own course materials. Pyramid Learning can supply an organization everything they need to deploy learning to learners around the world. The turn-key Project DPro Course Bundel can be deployed off-the-shelf, or customized to the policies and procedures of the organization. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Client List: Conservation International, The Internet Society

Organizations rely on the technical expertise of Pyramid Learning to convene and facilitate community of practice webinars that share best practices in project management, people management, and MEAL. To date, sessions have been facilitated on over 35 topics.

Client List: PATH, FHI360, and others.

The Block Ticketing Program is a great option for organizations that intend to train a large number of learners, but who prefer not to adopt the Dedicated Course Cohort approach.

Organizations buy blocks of seats for learners to participate in open courses on the topic of their choice, in their preferred language. The block ticketing program lets organizations centralize the registration, payment and reporting process. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Client List: BRAC.

Facilitated workshops is where we started, providing face-to-face learning for groups that range from 15 to 50. Over the past four years, we have conducted workshops in Africa, Asia, and South America. Our workshops embrace hands-on activities, learner participation, and applying skills to the learner’s context. Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Client List: Heifer International.

Pyramid Learning worked with Heifer International to develop an organizational project management policy and its supporting processes and procedures.

Deliverables include project management templates , an on-line project management support site and document repository, and self-led training materials to support staff as they use the new system.

Client List: Heifer International.

When the only way to reach learners is via cellphone, we can help. Pyramid Learning worked with a network of Catholic service providing in Mexico – using WhatsApp messaging to improve their capacity to design, plan, and implement services to support migrant families.